Hello June! – 10 Things You Should Do This Month



Dear World

Is it really already June? Oh, how time flies! I cannot believe it.

I totally believe in making new months resolutions. Why? Because we can always aspire to be better. So, here is a list of things you should do this month (I’m doing them too!)

1. Make Chalkboard Paint.

I saw this project a couple of weeks ago on A Beautiful Mess and have been itching to do it ever since.

2. Look for motivation everywhere

The internet is crawling with quotes turned into cute pictures. Ok, some of them are insanely cheesy but I think some of them are quite inspirational. So, I want to start collecting these quotes and hang them up in my room so they can ‘inspire’ me, so to speak.

3. Document everything

A moment is gone in a blink, no matter how beautiful it is – beauty doesn’t slow down time. And then in a couple of days it’s forgotten, wiped from your mind, as if it was never there. A camera, a diary or even a blog documents these moments so they become memories and can capture a truly happy day.

4. Make Cake Pops

Ahh, cake pops (crumbled cake mixed with frosting, dipped in candy and then covered in yet more candy), the new baking trend. A marginally disgusting idea when you think about it, but really quite cute and probably rather pleasant to eat.

5. Buy a pair of funky tights or leggings.

Oh my goodness, the number or cute tights/leggings on the market is AMAZING *cue hyperventilating fit* !!! Now before I start sounding more bimbo and annoying lets just take a deep breath and take in this information.


Ahhh, so funky tights are kind of an obsession of mine, I don’t actually own a pair (shock horror!) but I desperately want to. Below is a collection of my utter favourites.

6. Make a new banner/logo for this blog

Inspired by the banner of A Beautiful Mess, I have decided I really need a new banner. I’m tossing up between a geometric pattern or a polka dot pattern. Thoughts?

7. Have a movie night (complete with caramel popcorn and hot chocolate)

Here in Australia, it’s winter. Therefore, a time to cosy up, knit, make thick blankets and drink amounts of hot chocolate that aren’t accepted by society. WRONG. Australian winter is kinda cold but not cold enough to heat up the open fire and do the classic winter things – this is something I find highly frustrating. A movie night however is nice because it’s cosy and captures the essence of winter! (sorry leaning into cooking show mode there!)

8. Find a new blog to read

I read a lot of very popular blogs…Gala Darling, A Beautiful Mess, Oh Hello Friend etc. But I don’t read any underdog blogs without many people reading them. So, what I’m really saying is, come forward with your blogs – I’d love to have a look!

9.  Plant a tree

Well, or a little garden, or herb patch. Bring out your green thumb and plant. Because planting is fun and, as people say so very often – it’s good to do your own bit for the world

10. Smile

If you frown on a bad day it’s only going to make your day worse. Smiling is a cure for sadness and it shows you’re a happy person – so we should all do it so much more often! Cheesy but true.

Have a nice day,



Geometric DIY

Dear World

Life is crazy. This is a total cliché but don’t you agree it’s a rollercoaster. It’s surprising, crazy and somehow goes quickly and slowly at the same time. I mean how is that even possible?

So sometimes it’s nice to slow down and relax and a little project is a great way to do this.

I think people underestimate the power of paper triangles. No joke. Tiny little bits of paper can create something amazing.

With the same materials (almost) you can create two ahhhh-mazing things.

Bunting Card

Ok, to make this. You need card, glue and some funky paper.

I think it’s quite obvious what you have to do. Cut out the paper into little triangles and stick them onto a pencilled in line. Ta-da! Simple…but effective.

Candle Jar 

This one’s a bit more tedious but still really fun! Start with the same materials (paste/glue that comes in a tub, coloured paper) and a plain jar (if you want to use it as a light like I do you also need a tea candle). Cut out the paper and devise some sort of pattern, I did a kind of geometric one. Then stick and stick and stick and stick some more and you are done! If you like you can put  a layer of glue over the top to keep it in place.

From here you can use your jar for what ever you want. I used mine as a candle holder. Have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love,