High-school Popularity, Creativity Fuel and World Domination (???) – The World of Blogging and How I Feel About It

Dear World,

Since starting a second blog it seemed fitting to write a post on…well…blogging and what I think about it. In this day and age blogging is the ultimate way of communicating. I am all for blogging and the fabulousness that comes with it but I think we should all think about WHY we actually blog and the not so amazing things about blogging.

Why do we blog?

I believe we blog for want of having a say in the massive world of ours. We want to make the world we live in ours…that sentence came out sounding like a plan for word domination. What I meant to say is that we want to put our footprint on the world, we want to have impact. Before blogs, there wasn’t any easy way of doing this. But as soon as blogs came about we could easy have a VOICE!

And how could you resit not having a say?

The FABULOUS things about having a blog

If there was an Internet debate about whether blogging is a good or bad thing, I would take the good side in a heartbeat. I love blogging. I love the community it generates, I love the creativity it fuels most of all I love the voice it gives us. If blogs didn’t exsit I don’t know where my creativity would go. Actually I do, in the bin.

The not-so-fabulous things about blogging 

What I don’t like about blogging is that the most popular blogs are the ones with perfect design and high quality photos. I hate bad quality photos – I’m not going to lie but it’s kinda of hard for some of us to acess professional photography and design wizards. Another thing I utterly dislike about blogging is that pretty girls seem to get all the popularity. I mean, have we not got past the high-school social system.

An example of this is Cupcakes and Cashmere or as I like to call her C&C (it makes me feel cool, OK?). Don’t get me wrong I love C&C but when you think about it, she has built her little blogging empire off taking pictures of herself, her food and her nails with high-end photography. I read her blog and it’s cute but you it’s a little repetitive. However C&C is wildly popular – why is this? She’s pretty? Anyway, it’s cute and lot’s of people read it and I can’t critisize her for that.

Despite all this, overall, I love blogging and can’t imagine my life without it.

Love Isabella