Geometric DIY

Dear World

Life is crazy. This is a total cliché but don’t you agree it’s a rollercoaster. It’s surprising, crazy and somehow goes quickly and slowly at the same time. I mean how is that even possible?

So sometimes it’s nice to slow down and relax and a little project is a great way to do this.

I think people underestimate the power of paper triangles. No joke. Tiny little bits of paper can create something amazing.

With the same materials (almost) you can create two ahhhh-mazing things.

Bunting Card

Ok, to make this. You need card, glue and some funky paper.

I think it’s quite obvious what you have to do. Cut out the paper into little triangles and stick them onto a pencilled in line. Ta-da! Simple…but effective.

Candle Jar 

This one’s a bit more tedious but still really fun! Start with the same materials (paste/glue that comes in a tub, coloured paper) and a plain jar (if you want to use it as a light like I do you also need a tea candle). Cut out the paper and devise some sort of pattern, I did a kind of geometric one. Then stick and stick and stick and stick some more and you are done! If you like you can put  a layer of glue over the top to keep it in place.

From here you can use your jar for what ever you want. I used mine as a candle holder. Have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love,